Looking to Sell or Buy?

Will we sell and let properties on behalf of clients we always ensure our clients have an independent view of the market trends and property values prior to advising on the ideal property values to market to the public.

We can help everyone and selling your home doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out and painful experience. Whether you are just wanting to sell, and don’t want the trauma of 6-12+ months on the market, (with endless viewers who may simply be wasting your time), or if you are in need of a faster sale, we have the solution that will suit your needs.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  1. Sourcing of space on behalf of clients
  2. Undertake due diligence for client on any property or land selected
  3. Secure right mandates to sell unique developments on behalf of landlords
  4. Provide an open and transparent platform that buyers and sellers can feel free and comfortable to purchase and dispose of property or land respectively.
  5. Have a strong tenant database that ensures we provide landlords with the right tenants.

Enquire Service

“Are you a landlord/seller or tenant/buyer looking for a professional property agent to help you find tenants/buyers for your development or property investments. Please contact us on info@kadvisory.com or +254